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happy new year.

And dreams.
And other things.

I don't know. I'd like to take another train trip. Aside from the constant stopping at times, it's rather fun.

I never write anymore. Not here. Not in my secret, hidden journal elsewhere. Not on paper. Not even of things that are not real. Fiction. Fantasy. Perhaps I shall change that? Doubtful, maybe. But possible. I still read past entries and laugh, sometimes cry. I have tidbits of my life scattered about the internet; some locked, some open. Some underneath my bed. Just not much lately. Some to forget. Some to remember forever. And some to remember only every now and then. Of course, that's the point, though, isn't it.

I have a recurring theme in my dreams. It involves me and cars. I'm on the run from something, or someone, and I'm usually randomly changing cars. It's an emergency, and I'm driving all crazy, but successfully. And I have to switch cars. I have to find one unlocked, or sometimes I can make them unlock and/or make them start with no key. Because it's an emergency. But I never, ever see what/who I'm running from. Usually I'm alone, too. It's weird. I should check my dream book about that. I tend to forget that I own a dream book.

Cars, teeth and flying. Those are my recurring themes. Weirdly, the car ones are probably my preference. The flying ones feel weird because I can hardly control it (they're also the ones I have the least). The teeth ones, obviously I hate because I'm usually missing teeth and I'm FREAKING out about it (I read that those signify worry or trouble). The car ones are interesting, action-packed, and I'm not normally frightened in them... just frantic, in a hurry.

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